Domain Mediation

Domain Name Mediation

Our Domain Mediation Service is where we contact the Website Designer or Registrant on you behalf. This is less intimidating than actually receiving a letter from a legal representative which may charge you £500 upwards to simply write a letter.

We will collect whois data as evidence and will do all the research on the company/person concerned. We will in most cases send a ‘Cease and Desist Letter’ on behalf of the plantiff, for the defendant to acknowlege and respond.

If after the given time the defendant fails to communicate we will contact Nominet or WIPO and our nominated legal representatives to take the matter further.

Our fee is £99.99 to start the ball rolling, followed by a 15% acquistion commission fee on the successful end result. Our research and mediation will save you time and money should this ever go to court. We will essesentially be doing all the work what a lawyer would do. If our attempt to resolve the issue comes to a dead end and we are unsuccessful, we will forward the complaint to our legal team with all the evidence we have collected.

Usually all it takes is a letter to get some sort of response as in most cases people are unwilling to have litigation proceedings made against them and will prefer to settle out of court.