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When listing Domain Names with us we make no claims and cannot guarantee your domains will sell, this depends on many factors including the quality of the domain and if it has equity associated with it, as well as supply and demand.


If a business is already established it is very unlikely they will want another domain name, unless it is shorter than the one they have already got or has a domain extension that is more favourable to their location. Dot COMs are mainly US & global commerce dominated traffic. If you want traffic from the UK stick with , .wales, .cymru, .ie, and (remember .org domain names are associated with non profit organisations). If you are a brand in the UK and want a worldwide audience then secure a dot com over a Also try to buy up all the TLDs associated with your brand to stop cybersquatting.

Some companies that may want to re-brand and may look for brandable domain names,

but for the domain seller this is like buying a lottery ticket and finding an investor is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


It is usually domain investors that will buy domain names, rather than end users for low prices with the vision of flipping further down the line for a larger profit.

It is better to seek out companies that do not have websites and develop a website to offer them.

If you do all the leg work you have essentially have saved the domain investor time and money, especially if you can design logos and add content.

Give investors an option to lease your domain with a view to purchase outright at the end of the contract.

Also have an agreement in force as you do not want any misunderstandings.


We undersatnd you need to put your domains in front of an audience and we will advertise your domains across our network of websites, blogs and social media pages. We advertise on out network free of charge so that you can concentrate on other ways to sell your domain names.

We encourage you to also list your domains on all the top marketplaces as well as ours.

The more people that know about your domain names the better.

You also recommend you having a search engine optimised landing page and even use PPC advertising to get your domain noticed.

Do not forget to put in bold lettering in the header that your domain name is for sale.

We offer the service of a SEO optimised Landing Page and Affiliate Marketing as well as PPC Advertising (Google Adwords, Social Media Ads & Classified Ads).


We may also do outbound marketing if we think your domain has value.

If you have no equity and cannot perceive equity then it is not worth our time trying to contact Company Directors, CEOs or Marketing Managers. We are professional and will not spam or phone as they are busy people. If we think your domain deserves marketing we will send letters out by traditional snail mail through the post.

We will however advertise across our network in the hope someone searching may be looking for your particular domain name. We also write industry realted topics on our blog posts and will mention your domain names in relevant categories.

Remember to choose carefully your domain names, avoid hyphens and domain hacks such as etc as the domain extension is an inkling where you will get the majority of traffic from, which if you are trying to sell to someone they too will be inundated with useless traffic that may prove costly if they want to use pay per click advertising, which in turn will eat up their daily budget.


Also consider your financial status before investing in domain names, which can prove costly especially when it come to renewal fees.

If you are struggling to put food on the table or are out of work with very low income consider developing one blog and invest in one domain name then monetise it with affiliate links, this will become residule income, but before you get any money you need to make sure you have enough traffic as the click through ratio is only

1-2 % So as an example if you have 1000 visitors a month to your blog and only 10 click your links which may be worth £10 to you you will only earn £100 per month.

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing just drop us a line.

If you need some advice do not hesitate to contact us.